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Birthday avalanche!

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Oct. 25th, 2015 | 03:03 pm

Why was everyone so fertile in late January?

Brian's birthday is today. He did like the gift and we have already partially rearranged the kitchen to make a home for it. Currently he is fielding calls two at a time as well as a torrent of text messages while trying to drink his first cup of coffee. Unknown at this point if we will do anything outside of the house, because we might spend the rest of the day cooking chicken. :)

Last night we also celebrated Brent's birthday. After dropping Brian at work, I popped into DIK Bar to have an initial beer with his entourage. I also used the opportunity of being on that block to stop into the liquor store and steal a cardboard box from the alley for gift-wrapping purposes. And JJ was bartending! Hadn't seen him in forever, so we caught up a bit and he kindly comped my drink.

Then back home, I assembled the birthday gift, got ready, and met Blake for pumpkin beers at his apartment. Then I met Mario for the final celebration at Town, where people were rather intoxicated but all was good. Somehow the drink prices there also seem to have decreased, which I won't complain about.

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