jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

How hard can it be to collect loaned money and charge interest for the privilege?

Oh. Nevermind.

I don't think I have discussed it much here, but I've hatched a plan to have my student loans paid off as soon as possible. When I graduated from college, my loans automatically went on a ten year repayment plan, and of course I had no choice of the servicer that would inherit the debt. Same story for the single loan I took out in grad school. And I've dutifully paid at least my monthly minimums and well more than that, when possible.

But oh, it can't all be easy. These idiot servicers keep changing names and/or selling debt to other servicers, so I continue to get handed off to new and shittier companies, with marginally functional websites slathered with stock photos.

And this is what took the damn cake.

They. got. their. own. mailing. address. wrong.

How hard can this truly be? Sigh. So given that I've cleared out my federal tax debt, accelerating repayment has been made much easier. By February next year I'll have the undergrad loans completely paid (about damn time too!), and all of my debt repayment budget will be focused on paying off the last one and becoming actually debt-freeeee.

It feels nice to have the plan in place, and to write about it.
Tags: $, student loans
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