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Let's see who falls off a float this year.

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Jun. 12th, 2015 | 02:22 am

It's not a Pride Weekend tradition, but I bet you thought it was for a second.

Today (er, yesterday; hello, 2 am) was my last day at work until next Tuesday. As per my actual tradition, I take the Friday and Monday around Pride Weekend off work, so as to be free to recover from the nutty pace of work before delving into the celebrations. And the Monday in turn is for recovery from that. :) Last year that was not possible because the company's all-staff meeting started immediately after the weekend; and let me tell you, that did not go well.

We shall see what shenanigans actually do happen this time. But despite being free now, I did nothing tonight but eat chicken nachos, watch TLC shows, and obsessively clean so as to confirm my own life is in better shape than the Maury-like subjects of TLC shows. No TV for the rest of the long weekend!

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from: silverthief2
date: Jun. 25th, 2015 07:29 pm (UTC)

I did, but have since been neglecting my LJ comments! Thanks.

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