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I like walking like David Puddy likes Arby's.

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Mar. 24th, 2015 | 10:42 pm

That's a lot, for you young folks.

As I mentioned, Ang came into town and stayed with us for the weekend. She is in fact still in town, but at her conference hotel since Sunday afternoon. She arrived on Friday and we went to DC Noodles for dinner with Maria and Julie, followed by a round of beers at American Ice.

Saturday was veeeery long. We picked up coffees and pastries, then I gave a driving tour to get oriented to the area, including views of DC from Long Bridge Park where a couple of hundred high schoolers were playing intense ultimate frisbee. After parking the car we had brunch, then met up with Andrew to walk the Mall and see a bunch of monuments. That included my first trip to the MLK Memorial, which is impressive. We stopped to rest at the Jefferson Memorial and discovered that we'd already completed something like 27,000 steps. So. After leaving there and walking a bit more to the north side of the Mall, we caught an Uber, dropped off Andrew, and went to Satellite Room for happy hour.

There we'd gathered about eight of our grad school chums and spent some time yakking with them. The weather was nice enough to sit out on the patio, then the five of us surviving after dark went to Piola for dinner. The service was super duper bad, but the pizzas and company made up for it. Ang and I got home, to the total of 29,000 steps, and we both slept.

Sunday was quieter. We walked up to Busboys and Poets for breakfast, sat at the bar with cute couples that had just finished bike rides, and had giant plates of food and coffees. Then we popped into the Shinola store (where Ang knew oodles more information about the goods and who in Detroit makes them than the salespeople did) and then I drove her to her hotel. A very full weekend! I've struggled to get back into the routine of the week, but I'm making it happen.

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