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Still watching the Oscars.

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Feb. 22nd, 2015 | 11:38 pm

I expect to fall asleep by Hour 4.

I had the pleasure of going to a Michigan- and Chicago-friendly bar on Wednesday for Meg's birthday party with all the usual Wonderland crew. I apparently was a day too late for this wonderous event:


Paczki and Michigan basketball! Be still my heart.

We had a cupcake cake in the back room, with pretty legit decor.


Not a ton else to report from the last few days, but here is one tidbit. I signed up a while ago to help our transit system test out a potential replacement for the current tap cards we use to pay train and bus fares (and for parking in the garages at suburban stations, though I've never used them). On Friday my materials arrived.


I feel a little giddy at getting an advance look at how this could work, but there is work involved. I have to actually use the thing on my bus trips! I'm half-expecting some hiccups, but that should be part of the user testing fun.

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