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Should I chop down a cherry tree? Eat a whole cherry pie?

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Feb. 16th, 2015 | 03:02 pm

Hallmark, guide me!

IMG_3473Not a president, but still one of the better statues I've happened upon in DC recently.

Since last year I forgot that Presidents' Day is actually a holiday at our company. When Andrew was discussing the potential to take a trip for his 30th birthday with justification that many of us dayjobbers wouldn't need to use a vacation day for this Monday, I was like, um that doesn't apply to me. Turns out it would have! I decided it wasn't feasible to go to DR with the group anyway, but the day off has been a nice bonus.

I've read my new novel some, and caught up on email. Later I'll be driving B to work, and I wanted to get some errands done after I drop him. I need to get to Crate & Barrel, which is in one of the least convenient corners of our compact city, and should also pick up basic groceries. But the combination of imminently arriving snow and many drivers returning home from their long weekend travels may mean I scrub those ideas. It'll depend how the traffic looks when I get out there, I suppose.

Finally, the Internet has informed me that I somewhat mangled the quote from my last entry. Nevertheless I will tell you that it is from Daria, and also that my mind is a nutty place when I can make a calendar-themed entry and recall (most of) a relevant quote from an episode I last saw probably 10 years ago.

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from: silverthief2
date: Feb. 20th, 2015 04:02 am (UTC)

Yes, and in fact I am about to add an entry about books! Stay tuned.

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