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Ridiculous dreams are ridiculous.

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Sep. 25th, 2014 | 10:51 pm
mood: confusedconfused

But kind of fun sometimes!

A number of pop culture references, real plans, things I read on the internet, and otherwise have been colliding into more vivid dreams for me recently (for other such bouts of magical dreaming, click the "dreams" tag below!).

Two nights ago* in my dream it turned out that my cohort from my graduate program was having a reunion. This has actually been a nascent plan IRL for some time, though we still haven't chosen a date. I saw many old friends including Nick, Ang, and Julie, and I thought Amanda (on the right in this profile pic) walking into the gymnasium (?) where we were apparently hosting this event, but it turned out she was at the APA California chapter conference (also a real event that happened in the last few weeks). Somehow she morphed into the screen of Ang's phone, where she was calling in via FaceTime. I held up the phone and slowly rotated 360 degrees to show her all the people that were in attendance.

Then Julie and I went in to a smaller room where the Youtuber Joseph Birdsong (whose videos I have actually been watching recently; we did not go to grad school together) was hanging around. The three of us sat on the floor and were talking about dogs, for some unknown reason. Joseph mentioned that someone he knew had just adopted puppies and named them Honey and Hiney. And of course, my suggestion was that they should have instead opted for Henny and Hunty.

* Sometimes they are just that memorable.

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