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I'm going to stay in a stranger's house, and that excites me.

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Feb. 15th, 2014 | 12:11 am
mood: excitedexcited

He won't be there, of course. Either way I promise not to get dismembered.

In the twelve* years I've had this blog, I have frequently used it as a catalog of my travel plans. And while I don't yet have the budget to go to some of the most exciting places on my wish list**, there is still travel happening for me in 2014.

Today I began booking a trip to Atlanta in late April. I've been twice before, and overall found it to include fun people, mostly mediocre food, and a horribly inhospitable layout. And I am going for the annual conference of my profession, much of which is feeling very wary toward Atlanta after the news of relocating the Braves Stadium to a far flung suburb to take advantage of a large pile of tax incentives, plus the winter storm that caused so much chaos partially because the region is so utterly dependent on driving. But it's a huge place, and I'm always willing to give another chance to a city.

Plus I am looking forward to a fun first: my first airBnB stay! Once I deduced that it would be far more interesting and less expensive than yet another cookie cutter hotel, I spent a ridiculously long time searching for places. Just this morning, I landed on what appears to be a nice place with a recommended host in what I know is a great (and surprisingly even walkable) neighborhood so I bit the bullet.

Any folks that have used airBnB before? I'm curious for your thoughts on how it went. I know one good friend (hi, Tyler) that had a positive experience in Boston, but always down to hear more stories.

I'll also be tacking on at least one and maybe two destinations to this trip, but I haven't yet decided which those will be. So I will use that as an excuse to write another entry soon, now that I'm getting back in the groove of LJing. :)

* That sounded wrong when I typed it. But it is indeed correct. February 10th was silverthief2.livejournal.com's 12th birthday. Nutso.
** This could become a post of its own, but for the moment my biggest travel wishes are: 1) Japan, 2) a big chunk of southern Europe, and 3) completing the 50 state capitols project.

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