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This coal mine is marvelous.

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Sep. 22nd, 2013 | 12:09 am

But it's also nice when I get to exit before the shift ends.

On Friday I was plugging away at my various duties, knowing there wouldn't be enough time to get everything done but I planned to do my best. A lot of my adjacent co-workers were also out traveling, so it was quieter. Then around 3:45 our Second in Command announced a planned "staff meeting" at a nearby bar, to which I had no objection. :) So we packed up and had a couple of drinks on the super nice outdoor patio at Art & Soul in perfect weather. Lots of family stories were told, as well as stories on some of our co-workers in other offices. The duties will still be there in the coming week.

And speaking of that, next week will be a little different. I'll be working from home at least half a day on Monday as Brian and I will be purchasing our new TV and don't want to deal with weekend crowds at the stores. Then I'm in Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a two-day meeting at Big Federal Agency HQ. And on Friday afternoon I will go from there to Boss Lady's house for an end-of-summer barbecue. I'm pleased that this is happening, but it'll be a little hectic to coordinate after two days of onsite meetings that tend to be pretty intense.

Much of the rest of the year will see the usual mundane routine upended. Aside from the above mentioned events coming next week, the following Friday we will have a day long community service event at a property slated to become affordable apartments. Then there's some normal time until I take at least 1 day off on the week of my birthday in November, and two weeks after that is Thanksgiving.

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