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Sitting down all day makes my bum flat.

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May. 31st, 2013 | 11:22 pm

Then I spend all evening trying to reshape it.

Spotted on one of my runs: boat race in the Potomac.

I was planning to go running after work Wednesday and looking forward to it, then was going to do the monthly grocery shopping. Of course I wasn’t able to leave work until 6:20, so running was out. Then once home, I transferred money between bank accounts, drove to Shoppers, and spent about two hours getting everything. Fuuuun. I do enjoy grocery shopping overall, but now that we get almost everything for the month in one trip, it's pretty tiring to do alone. So dinner was microwave burritos* and beer while putting away meats. Then I julienned things for my lunch the next day and got to bed at almost 1. Blarg.

In an effort to have a better balance of things yesterday I came home, immediately changed and went out running. It was sooper humid and there were tourists everywhere but I did fine. 5.85 miles in 62.5 minutes. Then I came home, showered, made steak sammiches for dinner, cleaned up, and drove B. to work. Not too shabby. Today was also a nutty work day, but I escaped by 6 and had a long lifting workout. I love that the office gym is deserted on Fridays. Then I showered, caught a bus right as I walked out, and made it back here to scarf down a hot dog, woo.

In other news, it's fire season in New Mexico again and there are pretty scary photos being posted to Facebook. Fortunately my firefighter uncle is long retired, and the current fire is miles from my family's property. Still, it's an awful part of this time of year.

* Haven’t had any of those in like 4 years, but they’re still kind of amazing.

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