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It's eating while standing up outdoors season!

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May. 25th, 2013 | 03:03 pm

The barbecues I attend aren't fancy enough to have seats.

Summer can't begin without the photoshoot with your favorite car top fruit.

Memorial Day weekend is here, and filled with plans. Last night Jason A. and I went to Green Lantern for Jock Night; not a huge crowd, and I think the door guy and bartenders were bored and not making much $, but we did our best. Still I had fun, and purchased enough drinks to keep the bartender busy for a few seconds.

In a while here, we are going to Chad's barbecue. The Facebook message thread about it has been sort of annoying, but at least there are many fun people popping up saying they'll attend. I assumed many of them were out of town for the weekend. Tonight Dave and Mark want to go out somewhere, so this will transition into that.

Tomorrow there is brunch with Gradis while he's in town, and then Kevin is having another barbecue when he gets back into town from his bike tour of New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. I hope to have eaten 34 hot dogs by then.

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