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My office is conquering our neighbors.

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May. 20th, 2013 | 10:02 pm
music: Flight Facilities "Crave You (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)"

It's like we're the Vandals, except we haven't reached Rome yet.

Stepping into the (Duke blue) frontier.

Not sure how much of the last twelve days I'll cover in this entry, but there are at least highlights.

On the 11th we had Keith and Tristan's wedding. I loved it and I loved their approach to the entire day. Their original plan was to be married by our friend Aaron somewhere in the Shenandoah, which fits their interests and personalities well. But they decided at the last moment to take the plunge in the city, and their wedding day was flexible enough that they could do that. It sounds obvious, but most weddings I've attended are so pre-programmed that such a thing would be not only impossible but upsetting to the people that are actually supposed to enjoy the day. And I don't fault any couples for that; there is just a lot of planning required to host guests, etc. I digress.

So Keith and Tristan got married on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and that is pretty awesome. We joined that afternoon for the house reception, which had a shit ton of food: various heavy salads, cheese and crackers, pizzas, and good drinks. After a few hours of hearing about the actual wedding (the officiant didn’t wear shoes, more by accident than design), we walked to Cobalt for the big reception. And holy shit, that was a hoot. When you know all the bartenders and the DJ, it’s bound to get messy. I spent a lot of time drinking in the DJ booth with Jesse and Julio, talking randomly with Stuart, Melisa, Erin, and Lajuan, and taking random photos. And I am so jealous of Keith and Tristan’s honeymoon plans: Las Vegas and then backpacking in Zion and the Grand Canyon!

Last week at work the next phase of our suite opened up and I moved in to it. A word of explanation: in January we moved into a renovated office, but that was only the first of three adjacent suites in our new lease. The other two are being slowly renovated as tenants move out, and the walls between the three are removed when complete, creating a large U-shaped office. Fortunately the leg of the U that represents Phase 2 is where my department's digs are, so we got to vacate very cramped desks where I felt like I was on my neighboring co-worker's conference calls by default. Currently the cube next to my permanent station is vacant, and the very quiet (and often on the road) Green Communities staff are behind me, so I'm enjoying it very much. Phase 3 is rumored to be ready in June or July, and I think the departments on that side of the office are getting mighty cabin fevery as they wait.

I also went out Wednesday to Nellie's for trivia. Our original team was Chris V., Brian, Elliott, and me but Chris left halfway through the first round (We still don't know why; for a trick? to buy Powerball tickets?). Elliott summoned another friend whom I regrettably can't name at the moment, but our performance was passable and Justin was our server, providing copious drinks, endless entertainment, and even an answer. And we won a prize for Best Team Name! Later we moved upstairs for additional drinks, and Elliott's friend Scott, the trivia guys, and Justin were hanging out up there too. On Thursday Neal and Brian Y. invited folks to have happy hour on their roof, which has pretty damn awesome views. Should have taken photos, but I suppose I will next time. We sat up there with Ben, Andrew, and a lot of alcohol and bitched about accounting and other random topics.

Over the last weekend, we didn't do a lot so I could recover from all that weekday drinking. :) But on Sunday I ran six miles through the city on a new course; instead of turning north once I get to Rock Creek, I continued a bit into Georgetown and then ran along the water past the Kennedy Center and Lincoln Memorial then along the Mall before turning back toward home. It completely kicked my ass, but the challenge is good. Plus there were eons of people: GWU students that had literally just graduated and were searching for pretty backdrops to take photos, some enormous boating race on the Potomac, and general tourists both of middle America and other countries. It's corny, but it was fun to see the large amount and diversity of people enjoying the city while I ran through it.

Later that afternoon we met Chris H. and Dave O. to see Star Trek! I don't want to spoil anything but I definitely enjoyed it, probably more than the last installment. I think everyone else in the group did too, and we had plenty of fodder for our post-movie debrief at Fox and Hound. Next we need to find time for The Great Gatsby.

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