jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

I love nature.

Because I drank, walked, and cooked outdoors.

Tulips from a different weekend. But it's ok because they're in the same city!

Turns out last weekend was a full one and coincided well with the start of spring. On Friday night I met Robin and Tyler A. at Nellie's for drinks. It started fairly empty but we were pretty much being elbowed constantly by 11. Tyler ran off to make new friends so Robin and I opted to go to The Eagle. We met some new people there and even got a free drink because we were shirtless so patient with the busy bartender.

Saturday was a fortunate intersection of good weather and outdoorsy plans. I met Tyler for brunch to trade electronics back (his work laptop, my phone charger); as it turned out he went home with someone from Nellie's that lived three blocks from me. Friends have convenient hookups sometimes! And the pancakes at Commissary were damn good.

From there Andrew invited me to join a group of people at the zoo for the first ever Gay Day at the Zoo. We took a somewhat bizarre Uber up there with Chris M. and then walked around with Starbucks. It was the perfect day to be outdoors in a tank top, and there were a good number of gays mixed in with the thousands of children. One of the gays stopped us and tried to form a super group of gays to socialize together; while I appreciated his directness, he was actually a little too aggressive so we didn't stay with him. After a few hours and a lot of walking, we made plans to go to Chris' house and grill out. Which first involved bussing back to Andrew's house, then splitting up in cars to get food and get to Tysons. It got a little cold, and Chris' boyfriend was still napping when we arrived, but we had a grand time. Steak + chicken + asparagus + grilled peppers and onions and plenty of cider. I look forward to much more eating outdoors this summer.

I slept way late on Sunday, then puttered around at home avoiding the gym. But eventually Brian and I went to Larry's Lounge for drinks; in theory we were going to meet Kevin but he never materialized. Instead we got to watch Cinco de Mayo revelers from Lauriol Plaza stumble in and get denied service by the bartenders. I also got a fist bump in the bathroom line from a drunk guy who correctly guessed I was a bottom; amusement is easy when you've had 2 pitchers of margaritas, evidently. :) To their credit all the bartenders were in good spirits despite having to crack open 23 Lime-a-Rita cans a minute (which are the most heinous "malt beverage" I've ever made the mistake of trying), and made idle conversation with us when they could. Then we went home and ate pasta.
Tags: bar hopping, bbq, brunch, zoo
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