jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

The coal mine buys me drinks sometimes.

I even got four walls for a day. And they went all the way to the ceiling!

The last two days at work have been quite civilized. Thursday I went to Columbia (the company HQ and where I worked for my first six months) somewhat at the last minute, at my co-worker's request. I do still go at least once a month, but the difference now is that the whole company just moved to a new building a few blocks away, and this was my first time seeing it. It's super nice, though not everything was fully unpacked and there was an enormous pile of pictures waiting to be hung in the center of the sixth floor. Literally, on the floor. Other than the painful 90 minute meeting for which I was summoned, I had my own office and could generally work at my own pace. The very open, "newsroom"-style layout of our office means that we get lots done quickly because we can always find each other, but it also means that I often want to wring my co-workers' necks after hearing their phone conversations all day. :) So Thursday was a nice way to recharge, and close the door when I wanted to. I also drove by the old office, and as promised, the far side of the parking lot is already fenced off in anticipation of building a Whole Foods there. Kind of sad to cut off the lakefront, but then again I'm not in charge of siting grocery stores in Howard County. What a tragedy, right? :P

Then today, we had a joint birthday happy hour on the roof of the DC office. It was scheduled to start at 3:00 and I made it up there at 3:30. Got to meet some new coworkers that were in town for the day, and talk about land banks and other nerdy housing topics over sushi and beer. :) Then I was out the door by 5:30. And Angela (one of the birthday celebrants) also invited me to her non-work birthday celebration tomorrow night. Conveniently it is four blocks from home.

If every week was like this, I would probably be less productive but also less stressed. At the least we get another happy hour next Friday.
Tags: beaming house hq, howard county
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