jonathan (silverthief2) wrote,

Over and back, again.

And to have some fun for a while.

I was in Chicago from Friday through Tuesday, for the big planners' conference and just to have some downtime. I also served as a "mentor" to three current planning students. I liked their energy and enthusiasm, but I have to find the time to critique their resumes and e-introduce them to some contacts, and some other follow ups as well. I suppose I should write more about the trip, because it was super fun, but we'll see when I get the time to do that. Maybe over the weekend?

And today was a shitshow of a return to work, but I pulled through and even got a few things done. The office was in a strange state; our new office chairs arrived while I was away, but so did a bunch of the common area furniture before we actually have the full suite built out. So there is a round table with four chairs partially blocking my cube, and I had to scoot around it all day to get to the printer, kitchen, etc. I'm sure the fire marshal would be thrilled. The end is in sight, though, because construction workers were down the hall all day installing our new front doors and making good progress on the renovation. \o/

Tomorrow I won't really get to catch up, because it is the day of our long-scheduled department retreat; our former CEO is coming in from Seattle and our group VP from Denver to join us. While I can see the value of this sort of thing (and will appreciate the free breakfast, lunch, and happy hour drinks), Friday is going to be very long. Meh.
Tags: beaming house hq, chicago, conferences, travel
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