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Last bit of college basketball for the year.

No more protruding bones, please.

I'm still around, and I should update more than I do. In the last few weeks I've been religiously watching college basketball, yammering with co-workers about our performance in our charity bracket pool, and traveling some. All of those activities can be done while blogging, so that's what I'm doing as I watch Michigan in the championship game.

I was in North Carolina over Easter weekend, which turned out to be a great time to visit. It was a tad warmer than DC, and I attended a party that Chris S. happened to be hosting on Saturday night where I saw lots of folks. I also drove down there on Wednesday night, which meant much less traffic than at any other time. And I ate so much, and so much good, inexpensive food. Of particular note: the Sunday brunch buffet at Dale's is still of high quality and still comes with unlimited mimosas, all for $12.

On Friday I head to Chicago for the APA conference. Having lost my patience with graduate schools that have the best of intentions and the crappiest follow through when it comes to getting their (bright, motivated, savvy) students actual jobs, I took on two current students as "mentees." I'll be meeting with them while there, to broaden their job searches (munis have so little $ they are hiring relatively few, but lots of other employers like and want planners) and help them build a network that can actually bear fruit. Should be interesting. I also plan to reunite with lots of Michigan folks, and because I'm me, eat well! I have visited Chicago five times, but all of those were for work when I was at the haystack. So although I will still have a few professional responsibilities, this is a nice change of pace.

And on that note, last week I served as a critiquer* at a resume workshop for grad students at the University of Maryland. Overall I think I was able to contribute positively, but the students I worked with have a pretty good sense of how to market themselves already, which is heartening.

* Probably not a word.
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