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No green rivers, no green beers.

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Mar. 16th, 2013 | 07:30 pm

But I'll take a glass of whiskey.

In a while I'm going out to meet Mark P. at Duplex for non-St. Patrick's Day Saturday evening shenanigans. We are also supposed to meet up with Andrew once he has gotten out of his 12-person (!) dinner at Lauriol Plaza; another attempt to do something non-Irish pub that didn't work out so well. Last I heard from him, they were facing a two-hour wait for a table.

There was a bit of celebrating last night too. Bre was in town following a week of floodplain management training, and I met her and Kevin B. at The Front Page after escaping from work a bit later than I wanted. As it turns out we are all overwhelmed with our jobs in different ways, but at least we all know how we're going to dial down the stress in the coming months. We also went to The Gibson for an extra cocktail and then El Centro for dinner; surprisingly, there is 1) a huge basement in their restaurant and 2) lots of actually affordable menu items. I liked my three-cheese enchiladas, and the guacamole too, though I will never not find it awkward when the server preps it tableside. Guess I should have checked it all out sooner.

We finished out the night meeting up with Zai at Larry's Lounge; she convinced the bartender to make some cocktail that was very orange but kind of fun, and Mitchell was randomly there. Finally I escorted Zai to the bus stop and came home, probably arriving around 3. I'm hoping not to have quite so late a night tonight, but at the least I've had a productive day (gym, kitchen cleaning, reading) so I can sleep later tomorrow if so.

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