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Late August life changes.

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Aug. 26th, 2012 | 10:42 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: The Newsroom

The reason why I-95 looks like this right now.

virga was in town this weekend in the midst of his move from Raleigh to Boston (well, technically Somerville). I think he was rather happy to be in that liminal space between major life events, which I remember well and for me were some of the most important moments of my last few years. Anyhow, I was working from home when he arrived on Friday, and managed to juggle the last bit of work with getting Adam settled, then we parked his car and joined Brian, Jon Karl, Kevin, and Eric for happy hour at Logan Tavern. Immediately following that we moved to Stoney's for a couple of rounds. And the two of us also had a lovely sushi dinner and drinks at Cobalt and JR's. While at the latter, two guys chatted up Adam and guessed he was Turkish. "Worst guess ever."

On Saturday we had a long brunch with awful service at Annie's, and Keith and Tristan sent over shots from the bar as they ate. Adam and I then spent the afternoon Mall and monument touring, including very easy metered parking payment made possible by Parkmobile (no, they didn't pay me to say this; it's super convenient). My second visit to the Air & Space Museum since I've lived here was good, and I finally understand what aerogel is. Later we reconvened for an awesome dinner (with much better service) at Hank's. I love oysters and trout and beer. Then we made the rounds to Nellie's and DIK, but there was regrettably not much socialization with others because most everyone I know is out of town, on their own summer adventures up or down I-95.

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