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Haaay America

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Jul. 5th, 2012 | 09:44 pm
mood: okayokay
music: I've only heard Carly Rae Jepsen twice this week ...

You look good for 236, gurl!

This holiday in the middle of the week thing is just annoying, in spite of having a day off work. Last weekend Tristan and I were talking about how we don't remember the last time July 4th fell on a Wednesday, weren't working full time when it last happened. I do remember a recent Christmas Day on a Wednesday but I was in either New Mexico or Miami so it didn't matter so much. In any case, I worked two full days before the holiday, had yesterday off, then worked the full day today and will be back for the full day tomorrow. Sort of off-putting, and I have constantly had to check calendars to figure out what day it is.

As for the holiday itself, on Tuesday evening I met Joe, Mitchell, and Andrew T. at Nellie's. Except I was much earlier than both so I watched some Tour de France coverage while I waited. Holy hell, that shit is dangerous. It's bad enough to totally biff it and crash your bike, but then you have to worry about 25 more competitors and their bikes falling on top of you and crushing you. Oof. Anyhow, we eventually headed out to Town for whatever the holiday theme night was. I guess it was General American Birthday, as there was a moon bounce on the second floor (sadly, I never went in it). We had some drinks and danced with Mikey, his boyfriend and friends, and assorted other characters, and I got home around 1.

On Wednesday I slept late and we were lazy around the house. Then I met Mitchell at DIK Bar in the evening. Not too long after we arrived, Bradley kindly invited everyone in the place (which was a pretty light crowd) to watch the fireworks on the roof. It smelled like tortilla chips, unsurprisingly, but was a decent view. Fireworks are nice, but they do tend to be the same every year, so we spent a lot of our time up there talking to some guy named Drew, originally from Philadelphia. Later Brian came to join us, as did Brett, Jason, Patrick, and Kevin briefly, and other folks cycled in and out. After our energy fizzled out, we came home and had arroz con pollo for a "snack" and I went off to bed. Not a bad day, but it would've been nicer to have two in a row, y'know?

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