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It's a lovely Wednesday night for a weekend recap.

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Jun. 7th, 2012 | 12:35 am
mood: lethargiclethargic

I'm about as efficient as sending mail by pony.

Brian and I were in Durham from Friday through Monday. Friday included the pre-wedding barbecue (which was indoors due to rain and thus only contained barbecue the noun and not the verb) at Jason and Jason's house. Then we had a little afterparty at Tyler's with beer and whiskey and were able to catch up with Matt and Leland and Tyler, and torment his cats a bit too!

After a long brunch of chicken and waffles with Chris and Tyler we visited the liquor store, got dressed up, and reconvened at the wedding. The ceremony was maybe 12 minutes long, then we got to spend the rest of the evening having beer and wine in the butterfly pavilion, eating, building stuff out of candy Legos, and giving toasts to the Jasons. Truly one of the least fussy weddings I've ever attended, and there were lots of people there to catch up with. At around 11:45 we went to the hotel to change and then met at Fullsteam for the afterparty. There are photos on Facebook, and I'll post some here eventually.

Sunday was pretty leisurely; I took a brisk walk around the golf course trail, then we had a Watts Grocery brunch at the bar. Eventually we drove out to Raleigh, to pick up Brian's friend Mario and see John's new house. There we played an Apples to Apples-like card game called (I wish I was making this up) The Game of Things. Following a couple of hours of that, we met Stephen and Caroline for dinner. It turns out Stephen is moving into the exact building I had in mind when he mentioned he'd be living in Glenwood South. Anyhow, we parted with them from there and went for a few drinks at The Borough, and virga even stopped by for a couple. Glad to hear he's moving to Boston soonish.

Monday was solely reserved for lunch with the former HASTAC crew. We met them at the new Smith Warehouse digs, then got out to Geer St. Garden for somewhat disappointing food but a good time on a nice patio. When we returned that evening, having encountered remarkably little traffic backup, we unpacked and wound down a little before going to Dunn Loring for Pat's goodbye shindig. Which was about ten people drinking, eating chicken, and playing Cards Against Humanity, a much more offensive version of The Game of Things. The apartment building looked like a cheap version of the all-ladies' retirement home in Flint that I've visited, but otherwise it was a lovely evening. And now we have to visit Pat in San Francisco at some point, as well as other lovely Bay Area-ites like mahka42!

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