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Watching the Billboard Music Awards because I love awkward train wrecks.

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May. 20th, 2012 | 09:17 pm
mood: okayokay
music: Best not to ask

And it is not disappointing.

Not a bad weekend. We didn't have any plans on Friday, but Brian cooked an amazing Mexican-like meal of roast pork, yellow rice, and black beans. I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour and was up at a nearly unprecedented 9 a.m. on Saturday, and actually felt rested; fortunate as we had Danielle's birthday brunch to attend.

We got ready and drove by Whole Foods for a bottle of wine; I'm a big fan of the super-rapid bottle cooling bath. Then we drove out there and navigated the needlessly complex parking garage in their building before getting up there. She and Isaac moved into this huge, old two-bedroom, two-bath apartment about ten months ago, and I'm way jealous. They're on the top floor of a 1920s building but has been completely redone--and well--so it still has 11-foot ceilings (!), hardwood floors, and huge windows, but also has a dishwasher and a newish gas stove and so on. Their brunch spread was also nice: fresh fruit, quiche, pasta salad, and from-scratch bloody marys. We ate and drank and took a tour on to their roof deck too. Shawn was also there with good news, that he got a new job starting June 1, so we also celebrated that before driving him back to his place so he could get ready for one of his last days at Old Job.

Later that evening we went to Whole Foods again to get chicken legs and went to Keith and Tristan's new place to break in their new grill. In addition to quick-marinated chicken, there were beef and shrimp fajitas and grilled corn on the cob. Danny and his girlfriend came over and we gorged on food while watching the first few episodes of Game of Thrones. Such a lovely Saturday night.

Today has been low-key as well. I was up not as early, but that's fine, and got the laundry knocked out. All I've really done since is read a few work documents that my boss just sent in preparation for the coming week, get soda from CVS, and now watch the Billboard Music Awards. And we have Chinese food on the way. They are trying much too hard to be fun/relevant/hip, but I enjoy the spectacle.

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