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Let's cuddle to dubstep.

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Feb. 26th, 2012 | 05:24 pm
mood: busybusy
music: The Lion King!

Wub wub wub wub wub.

Oh my, has this weekend been nutty. I don't know if it's impending spring or just schedules opening up, but everyone was out to be social. Friday I made plans with Joe Z. to get to Bear Happy Hour, so I rushed through my grocery shopping in a hungry state and we met up at Town around 8:15. I ran into Dave and Doug, and Joe corraled his friends Mitchell, John and Jonathan for a grand time. Mitchell decided to try to emulate the go go dancer by grinding upside down against a pillar and promptly fell into another bargoer. Then we went down the street to Ben's Chili Bowl; yes, the half-smoke was tasty, but the cheese fries were really the star of the show. Joe and Mitchell were very polite to hide their fright at my Garfield-style attack on the meal.

Saturday I slept quite late, and Brian woke me up to get ready for 1:00 pm brunch at Matchbox. Rob J. was in town for the weekend from Virginia Beach, and brought his friend Landon, and their DC crew was reconvened for the occasion. Despite only being a table for eight, we were there probably 2.5 hours. The pizza and sliders and company were worth it, but me and long brunches are still not the best of friends. From there Rob invited us back to his suite at the round Hilton, with a stop at the liquor store first. We got there around 4:30 and didn't leave until almost 10; what an epic evening of people coming, going, drinking, and being dramatic. At least a group of us (AJ, RJ, Landon, Brian, Shawn, me) got organized and walked over to Larry's Lounge for some cocktails (ok, and one shot). It was crowded and not all that pleasant so at last we got a cab and went to Town, yes for the second night in a row. Lots of randomly walking around and less dancing than Friday but I still had a good time, and got to talk to Ba'Naka for a little while. Super nice drag queens are the best!

This morning I was somehow awake early, so I went up to the fitness center and got a short workout in before heading to brunch with Eric. Ulah is quickly becoming a regular spot. And now that Karen from Stoney's works there she's attracting folks like Kevin and Elliott, who were perched at her bar. All the better! After I came home I'd planned to work on my taxes but opted instead to blog and waste time online. Later we are going to Jasons' apartment to watch the Oscars! Super excited about this, even though as usual I've seen very few of the films nominated.

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