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Casserole in the oven, Cougartown on the TV.

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Feb. 14th, 2012 | 09:25 pm
mood: hungryhungry
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Is this supposed to be some sort of holiday?

This is my first night in a few days spent at home and I'm glad for it. Yesterday Jesse J. had convened a group to belatedly celebrate Eric W.'s birthday. After having shrimp quesadillas at home Brian, Chris H. and I went off to Policy expecting just to have drinks but this was apparently a dinner event. Oh well. Their food looked sooper expensive anyway. We had cocktails and beers and heard some of the ridiculous stories that come from working in a gay bar, then 2/3 of the group relocated to Omega. I love that place. The drag queen on the first floor wasn't even trying to perform, but basically just stretching out far enough to grab her tips. Amusing but also kind of sad so we spent most of our time on the second floor.

Sunday we watched the Grammys at Level One. The sound being piped from upstairs was about three seconds ahead of the TV, making the performances a little odd. I'm generally pleased that Adele won what she did, because she is a damn good vocalist, and I'm annoyed that several performers got two slots. Like, you really can't find three more artists wanting to perform for millions? Lame. On Saturday we went out for brunch at Annie's with the crew; Big Gay Al might be my favorite server in any restaurant anywhere. Following that (which was over two hours long and allowed us to entirely miss a brief snowstorm), Brian, Tristan and I went to Nellie's to hang out and commiserate with Kevin and Elliott over having to work. I hadn't expected to be there super long either, but we ran into Trey, Kevin Lees, Adam H., and Chrissie all watching the Duke-Maryland game, so we also kept one eye on that and yakked with all of them. By the time we left there it was dark.

Work is heating up in a major way, finally getting us to the point in our website project where I thought we'd be 2-3 months ago. So I'll likely rest up and not go out the rest of the week. Then this weekend Kevin B. arrives from Chicago and I'm helping him move in! Kind of exciting to have him just four blocks away. And I get Monday off for Washington's Birthday. Thanks, Georgie.

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