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I thought our television had died earlier.

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Feb. 2nd, 2012 | 09:57 pm
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And judging by tonight's programming, maybe it should have.

The weekend was pretty solid. I stayed in and read this book on Friday, which kept my attention but also had me diving into the internet to look for facts. On Saturday I was up way too early but as the last entry showed I at least got my haircut appointment in with Rusty; he was relatively subdued but still fun, and I learned that he grew up Lutheran. We then talked about goopy salads and 9 X 13 Pyrex casseroles for a while. Needless to say I way overtipped him per usual.

That evening my plan was to go along to 17th Street with Brian just to have a few drinks before his and Tristan's shift. We met Tristan at DIK Bar and had a few, then I hid inside Level One to watch TV as everyone headed to their bars; I chatted with Brett some and watched TV for a while, then Tristan came back downstairs because he didn't have to work after all. Nice coincidence. We stayed at Brett's bar for another spell and then went upstairs to Raw, where Melisa and Erin were also in attendance! I stayed and chatted more, drank more, then made my escape before midnight.

On Sunday we had a very long and eventful brunch at Acadiana with Keith and Tristan and two of Keith's Quarry House friends whose names I don't remember because I'm a terrible person that writes run-on sentences. The reservation was for 2:00. We arrived at 2:05 and K&T were seated at the biggest round table in the place. We perused the menu and ordered mimosas and bloody marys while waiting for the last two guys in the party and watching the band pack up. As a side note, that was perfect timing for me; I can't stand live music while eating, because I'm crazy like that. As 2:30 approached and our QHT dudes were still stuck in Chinese New Year parade traffic, our amazing server allowed us to pre-order their food before the kitchen closed and converted individual mimosas to mini-pitchers. We were in our turtle soup and oysters by the time they finally arrived, and kept on eating until we were about the last table in the joint. By the way, their chicken and sausage jambalaya was fantastic. I couldn't finish it but I still tried. We staggered out of there at 4:00 and went on to The Eagle for another couple of hours, which was blissfully dark and quiet.

The week at work has been uneven; I was quite busy on Tuesday as I got directives from Boss Man before he left for vacation and on Wednesday as I started the main project, but slow on Monday and today as I plugged along on stuff. I also have made it to the gym 3 of 4 days; it should have been four but when I showed up at 6:30 p.m. on Monday it was so crowded I couldn't even get a locker so I gave up. Lunchtime or early afternoon visits since have been much quieter.

On an unrelated note, my next post here may very well be on my LJ's tenth birthday! Can't quite believe I made it that long.

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