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I want to be a pretty girl!

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Nov. 20th, 2011 | 02:44 pm
mood: okaySomeone clean my kitchen?
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But all this bolognese isn't helping.

The birthday party was successful, less a visit from security after 2:00 a.m. telling us about a noise complaint. Then Brian went on a cooking spree early this week and we have tons of amazing food in the fridge. Friday we met Keenan at Cobalt after some warm-up drinks at DIK Bar, and we spent a surprisingly long time at Cobalt. Then last night Tristan and Keith came over and spent hours making steak fajitas and chorizo/cheese enchiladas; we ran out of bourbon midway through the process it took so long, but I restocked us and it was an amazing evening.

Work has been sort of weird, as my boss is out of the country for three weeks. I've been filling in for two other projects in the meantime, but they don't fill all of my time. Here and there I'm making slow strides on my primary project but there's not a lot for me to do until we have a test site on our server, and I can't negotiate that. Whatever, it's not even a problem. Most of my coworkers have already gone out for holiday travel so it'll be quiet all the way through next week.

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