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Don't dining sets grow on trees?

Plant me one of those.

I'm enjoying putting together our apartment, bit by bit, and Tyler will be pleased to know that after six months I've unpacked almost every box. But furniture shopping is the most annoying process I've been through in a while; none of the places are near each other, and it's super hard to compare them even on the internet, and to figure out where the stuff I want is actually in stock.

I sort of miss the days of furnishing my apartment by scooping up from the curb anything that people posted on the Old West Durham listserv that they had chucked out of their houses.

In unrelated news, it's my birthday! Last night we went to Duplex Diner to sit at Ricky's bar with Tristan and Brett, and a shot with a giant sparkler came out of the kitchen at midnight. We also peeped a few minutes of the ridiculous basketball game on an aircraft carrier, then went to Cobalt for birthday shots. This comment on my check-in pretty much sums up that experience. Good times.
Tags: birthdays, shopping
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