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The federal holiday of just because.

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Oct. 11th, 2011 | 10:03 pm
mood: goodblessed
music: Holy Ghost "Wait and See (Flight Facilities Remix)"

Y'know, we've been doing it for a while.

The three-day weekend was good to me. Now that I don't have to watch my pennies quite as closely, I spent most of the weekend out with people. On Friday Brian and I met up with Brett at DIK Bar and soon migrated over to Level One, with Joey, his just-off-a-plane boyfriend Lance, Norbert and Blake. We weren't even there for a super long time, but it was very Cheers-like and chill. Saturday was dinner with Joe Z. in Clarendon; we stayed at our table long after the check was paid, just talking and talking. I think we read people similarly, and it's a delight. He gave me a ride into the city after stopping by his apartment for warmer clothes and the chatting continued before he left to hang out with Mark H. and I stopped in Cobalt. Jason A. was there with his coffee date from earlier in the day and we too talked for a good while.

And then there was Monday. I had the day off, in fact couldn't have worked if I'd wanted to because my badge won't let me in the building on holidays or weekends. That's a blessing, it is. Anyhow, I went back out to Clarendon to have breakfast with Matt L., who was in town for the evening/morning on his way to get married in Connecticut this weekend! I've been anticipating this wedding for months (the ceremony in CT is for family only but I'm going to the blowout party in NC in a couple of weeks) and I can't believe it's finally here! And because Matt is amazing, he's cooking the entire menu for both events. His Subaru was jammed full of pots and cookbooks and sourdough starters.

When I returned home I was planted on the couch with an iced coffee and happy about it, and then Keith called Brian's cell: "We're picking you up in seven minutes to go shopping." Thus it was that we spent all afternoon in Friendship Heights with Keith and Tristan, looking at watches and trying on blazers. During a reprieve in P.F. Chang's we talked to our bartender and found out he lived in Durham for years and thus there was more Keith bought a beautiful watch, Brian got shoes, Tristan got jeans, and then we dropped off the goods and Tristan's car and met Shannon and Dave at Fox & Hound to hear about their final Iceland plans; they left this afternoon, actually. After a final Cobalt stop where the bartenders were bored off their asses, it was pizza and home time.

Work today was a little rough but I have a good, meaty project to wrestle for the week. I'm mostly being left alone with it and that's a great environment. I decorated my cube, too.

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