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It's still there.

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Sep. 16th, 2011 | 07:18 pm
mood: lazylazy

All square-shaped and almost 100 years old.

I had the occasion to meet two people at last night's happy hour that have lived in New Mexico. One grew up there and one only lived there a year, working for the State. I'm unsure why, but I still find myself drawn to the stories of people who have lived there. Needless to say, many of those that left did so for a reason. Haha. Still, I'm visiting next week for the first time since last Thanksgiving, and it should be a good time. I have no clue who exactly is coming to the high school reunion, but the organizers put together a good event, even if a little late. And I get a T-shirt and a DVD, apparently.

There was also supposed to be an epic 88th birthday party at Aunt Cleo's new cabin adjoining El Pino Real, but she is apparently in the hospital so I guess that is a no go. Kind of a bummer. I'm not sure I've ever been up there in early fall, but I think it would be super pretty and kind of perfect for a day trip. You couldn't pay me to sleep up there in any month that isn't June, July or August though.

We also may visit the closing weekend of the New Mexico State Fair! Corn dog photo shoots will occur if we do indeed make it.

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