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Yesterday's hurricane.

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Aug. 28th, 2011 | 03:29 pm
mood: lazylazy
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The natural disasters just keep coming.

The hurricane didn't do a whole lot to DC, except for some trees down here and there. In the morning Joe Z. and I texted about alternate plans for the day since going to the pool was obviously not happening. I eventually got in gear and headed to his condo through a light rain, we parked my car, and then I got the tour of his place. I'm way jealous of the space he has, especially in the kitchen. After getting my Foursquare badges in order, we headed to lunch at Chili's and caught up on each other's lives. Tons is going on with both of us, and almost all of it good! We also had a shit ton of tortilla chips and quesadillas.

As we finished there was still rain but it wasn't very bad so we headed to his favorite comic book store and then to Tyson's for shopping. Joe needed jeans and I wasn't really sure what I was searching for, but more work clothes are always a good idea. In the end I got an H&M button down in a pattern somewhere between lumberjacky and ginghamy, and Joe found jeans and socks at Express. The maul was also pleasantly uncrowded for a Saturday, so thanks a bunch, hurricane! From there he drove me back to my car and I headed for home in increasing winds and rain that rendered someone in a BMW completely incapable of driving and so he/she stopped in the middle of Columbia Pike. Anyhow, I made it home just fine, and Keith and Tristan were over hanging out with Brian, a bunch of takeout, and a bottle of bourbon. We drank some and called people in other time zones to update them on our hurricane, then Keith fashioned a hurricane outfit from trash bags, Safeway plastic bags and a bunch of tape. Brian also brought out the trench coat, goggles and river Tims and we headed out to Playbill for a few drinks. The weather was more volatile but still fine, and buses and cabs were running. Our bartender was new and didn't seem to know what to do with us, but they at least had Hot Damn. After a spell there we continued to Cobalt and had a couple more drinks before parting ways.

I'm unsure which disaster we are slated for next, but so far they aren't causing much of an impact.

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