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Can we change birthdays to biennial events?

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Aug. 15th, 2011 | 10:01 pm
mood: curiouscurious
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Just don't tell Hallmark.

I have finally stopped my habit of only buying Snoopy-themed cards. I got some better ones for Jason and for Momma. Jason had a little birthday dinner at The Burger Joint last night, which finally allowed me to meet Paul K. and to see some other folks for the first time in a while. We then took the party down to Pinkberry where I got a waffle cone with the messiest possible topping: dark chocolate BBs, basically. I had been at Cobalt before that with Brian, Brett, et. al. visiting with Aaron Block during his weekend in town. The day before we'd also had a huge brunch with Aaron, Brian, Shannon, Dave O., Keith, Tristan, and a couple of other folks at Lauriol Plaza, in which each of us had a half-pitcher of sangria and/or margarita, followed by a game night at Dave's apartment. So overall a very good social weekend.

On the topic of Momma, she turns 62 on Thursday. Like Dad, she has also opted to begin receiving Social Security benefits at this age instead of waiting until 66 and getting a slightly higher monthly benefit. I can't blame them, given that they've both been paying into FICA for 40+ years, but I know the rationale they've used is different. Only a few years ago, my great-uncle had not opted to start getting benefits at 62, then he was diagnosed with cancer and died fairly rapidly at 64. Fortunately it's pretty unlikely any such thing would happen to them between now and their 66th birthdays, but they're not taking any chances. Anyhow, since Mom retired earlier than she had originally planned due to a less-than-ideal boss relationship, I know the added income will be helpful for them.

I don't have a whole lot else to report. I'm learning tons about InDesign at work by designing the program for our conference at the end of the month, and answering lots and lots of email about the events. Today went by mega-quickly, then I went down to the gym and ran some while trying ignore the Law and Order box cranked up too high. I need to start taking an iPod with me again.

How are you, LJ friends?

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