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Monday giveth, and Monday taketh away.

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Aug. 8th, 2011 | 10:00 pm
mood: soresore
music: "I never showed anyone my boobs or my 'giny."

Stupid dramatic weekday.

I didn't get a great night of sleep last night, somehow waking up at 5 and not being able to get back to sleep for two hours. By the time I was actually under again my alarms started ringing and it made me super crabby. Brian commiserated a bit as I packed my gym bag and left the house, and I marched to Cosi aiming for Comfort Calories to make Monday less sucky. I managed to get my croissant sandwich and squagel* pretty quickly and crossed K St. to find a bus waiting for me. And when I boarded the normally super-crowded bus there was only one other person on it; they run in packs sometimes, so all the people were likely smooshed on to one a minute ahead of us. And the card reader was off, so I got a free bus ride. Not sure why, but that was enough to turn Monday around.

After that minor everyday drama, the rest of Monday was fairly uneventful. I spent the entire workday knee-deep in InDesign and that actually made the day go by super quickly. I went to the office gym and got a good workout in, then walked home while on the phone with Momma. I updated her on my high school reunion plans and she gave me all the gossip (nothing salacious) about family, and since I've been at home watching United States of Tara (yes, still) on Netflix. Tomorrow I'm actually mailing them a disc for the first time in maybe three months. Weeee.

*Square bagels. I often end up in line behind confused people asking what the hell a squagel is; the sandwich-making ladies don't look too amused about it either.

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