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Follow ups from the last entry.

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Aug. 7th, 2011 | 02:52 pm
mood: indescribableavoiding the sun
music: Travel Channel madness

Because everyone spent all weekend constantly hitting Refresh on my blog, right?

Immediately following my last entry, I went to Cobalt at the urgings of Tristan and Chris T. and witnessed Brian get swarmed by a group of friends dressed like him and covered in glitter. Great ideas are made inside those walls, y'all. Following that, grocery shopping was indeed the highlight of my evening as there is never anyone in the Safeway after 10 p.m. and the one cashier is mega-fast.

On Friday I slept way too late and then picked up some iced tea and went down to the post office to get my package. Tyler sent me a copy of the AP Stylebook because all I talk about is copyediting these days, as well as a bunch of My Coke Rewards codes. In sum, it was definitely on par with 60 pounds of ice cream. Later in the evening Brian and I met up with ashfault76, Seth and Bill for happy hour at Larry's Lounge. It was super chill; from there we caught a cab and went to meet the ULI interns and friends. We ate and had various things mixed with Jameson, then went to Russia House to drink vodka and use a Groupon, and ended the night at Cobalt. Overall it was an extremely random bar crawl but I'm glad that we got to spend more time together out of the office before everyone scatters in mid-August.

Yesterday I didn't leave the house at all, and that was nice. Got some reading done, watched TV and cooked a whole chicken in the Crock Pot and had a huge dinner with the vegetables that under the chicken, mashed taters and Brian's rosemary chicken gravy. So far today I have gone running and had breakfast, and that's it. Quiet weekends FTW.

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