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What can I not get delivered to my apartment?

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Jul. 24th, 2011 | 03:51 pm
mood: drainedhugging the HVAC
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Discoveries from the weekend of trying not to go outside.

Yesterday Keith and Tristan came over with a bottle of Jim Beam and a six pack of beer, and we ordered an assload of Thai food for delivery. I had actually gone outside, briefly, to get more booze (of course) and some essentials but didn't want to for the rest of the day. Brian came home eventually, we watched random TV while eating and tried not to make Tristan laugh too much for fear of breaking the sutures on his hernia surgery scar. But the sight of him squirming and trying not to actually laugh was too funny. As far as I know he is okay.

Today, since I stocked up so heavily on groceries Thursday night, we have made breakfast and watched parts of The Bourne Ultimatum and Independence Day on TV, as well as decided on plane tickets for Labor Day. I think the indoors streak is ending though as we are going shoe shopping in a while.

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