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Albuquerque was on Comedy Central last night ...

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Dec. 20th, 2002 | 10:31 am
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: awful country Christmas songs at Ma's office

That pleased me to no end. That Insomniac guy is insane, but he has about the best job out there. It's not fair that I'm over here in Vegas while ABQ prospers without me! *sigh* Eh well, I'll be over there eventually.

I've been in Vegasville for a week now, and I'm thoroughly unimpressed. I guess I just wasn't prepared to come back home where everyone is still going about their daily routine, and complaining about their jobs, and getting into pointless arguments all the time. And it seems like all I've done all week is wash dishes! I can't believe how much crockery we can dirty, ha.

Also, my one visit to Pecos wasn't so fun either. As I mentioned in great detail in my written journal (which will never see the light of the internet), Grandpa is really sick, and I just wasn't prepared for that, even after his two other serious illnesses in the last four years. And he has a tumor in his lung, so apparently the decades of smoking DID catch up with him. I don't know how to deal with all that ... and I don't know if he's gonna be alive the next time I come back to New Mexico. That's the one reason to come back home that I didn't want to have, but that's the reality.

I really really really need to see my friends, and my cousins too ... I saw Jamie for like two seconds last weekend, but we should be able to hang out all day for Christmas, so yay. I miss the times when the family gets together and all the cousins (or all the teenage ones, at least) sneak off to another room or another house or whatever to just hang out. Now I just have to prepare myself for the barrage of questions about how many girls I had sex with over the semester ... gah, I hope Nick has grown up at least a little. He's cool though :)

I hung out with Antonio on Tuesday, which was fun. Christmas shopping and lunch and talking to Ms. Hernandez for over two hours about college was great. And he won't be here next week, so I'm gonna call him again this weekend and maybe we'll do something.

I'm also about to send e-mails to Stacy and Tracey and Jessica (and probably Katey and Pamela too) proclaiming that I am here. And then I'll proceed to call all of them, which will be interesting. I have to call Chris back too, cos who knows how busy he is over break. Odds are, he's still in Albuquerque, slaving away at Walgreen's and leading all them boys around. Damn, how'd he get to be such a playa? Haha ... but maybe he'll be in town long enough for me to see him. Otherwise ... Spring Break at UNM!! (tentatively ... I just know I'm not staying at Dook for that whole week)

I kind of summed up my semester in that last entry, but not very well. Basically, it was so great that I wish it hadn't ended, because it was awesome. It was my worst academic semester of college, and who would have guessed, because I studied more than ever, but I'll get over that. I'm gonna work more effectively in the spring, because I know what it is that I have to do. But my friends definitely made it a great semester. Go Stephen, Weiting, Kelly, Alexis, Sarah, and Ian. Jay and Dan are cool too ... crazy philosophy majors. And Ashley and Marcos, my new friends in ATH! Yeah, these are the times when I'm really glad that this break is short, so I can be back over there and get back to the fun. Because I basically feel like my life is on hold when I'm forced to come back to New Mexico ... I know I would come back anyway, but probably not for this long. In any case, I've long since decided that rather than sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself, I should see my friends, eat what I can't eat in North Carolina, and do what I can't do in North Carolina while I'm here. So it's not all that bad really, and I'm gonna get on the ball as far as trying (once again) to get my driver's license before I go back. If not this time, it's DEFINITELY happening next time I come (either in March or May, we'll see), cos I can't live like this anymore. Then I might be able to work on getting a car.

The spring is gonna rock, as I've already said multiple times. Renewed focus on academics (and I know I can get some As this time ... make Ms. Hernandez proud, ha), more fun times with friends in and out of SHARE, rush season, and better weather coming! I'm also gonna declare my major, and I cling to PPS despite everyone's best efforts to convince me otherwise. It's definitely not gonna be my only program though ... cultural anthropology will either be my second major or a minor, but that comes later. And I haven't ruled out psychology or lit as distant minor prospects ... much to do.

Considering that my GPA is 2.766, I don't know if I'll be able to go abroad in the fall ... I wonder how strict they are about these GPA requirements. It kinda makes me sad that everyone I talked to about the U. of Glasgow program (and some others too) said that "everyone gets into them", because most Duke students don't have this GPA problem to contend with. But I've gotten over feeling inferior and all that crap, and I might just have to put off going abroad for a semester or something. Or I might follow my crazy notion of not going abroad at all, though I might regret it if I had the chance. Given that I might not HAVE the option, I think if it's a possibility I'll jump at the chance though. I don't know. Damn, I need to talk to my advisor for like three hours ... I'll probably meet with him a billion times this semester.

I think I've finally exhausted my thoughts ... go typing. If you've read this far (and didn't skip through, that's cheating) give yourself a prize. And everybody enjoy your time off!

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from: nanolemur
date: Dec. 20th, 2002 07:53 pm (UTC)

I loves me a Jonathan. Also, I finally validated my email address thing after 4 months, and can post things! Woo. And I'm bored enough to update mine! Woo! K. Enough woos.

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