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Bizarro celebrity sightings.

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Apr. 25th, 2011 | 12:53 am
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And my motivation back at last.

It's been a good but sort of weird Easter weekend. On Friday night I met up with Justin at Aut Bar after many others eschewed going out in favor of continuing to finish the semester. We probably should have been doing the same thing, but recreation is also valuable. Anyhow, we spent some time drinking and chatting in a very crowded bar, eventually joined by Tracy, Danny and Peter. I was quite heartened that they all came to the gay bar. Woo straight friends.

Eventually Justin headed home and the other four of us headed back through downtown, not entirely sure where to go but in need of more drinks. We passed by Alley Bar and Marissa was outside with friends; we arranged to meet later, then continued down the street to Old Town. Upon entering, we discovered 1) that it was super crowded and there were no tables, 2) some acquaintances that I recognized but couldn't name (someone else in the group could), and 3) from those folks that John Krasinski and Jason Segal were in the bar. Part of the crowd at least was a gaggle of ladies trying to approach them.

We waited a while for a table and the celebrity boys snuck out, but we eventually got a booth facing their former table. After ordering drinks and chips & salsa, Jim from The Office (yes, I'm going to call him that; deal with it) runs back into the bar and takes his seat with the various ladies that had been accompanying them. Jason comes back too not much later, and we spend probably an hour watching them reluctantly pose for photos with people and accept praise, and get loud and ignunt with their friends. Honestly it didn't look like all that fun for them, but they did seem to enjoy freaking out people on the street by closing the curtains and then opening them abruptly and knocking on the glass. I can imagine having an extreme double take by first being startled by the sudden appearance of faces in the window and then realizing they're people from TV.

From there Marissa, Tracy and I went to a Pizza Land I'd not previously tried, got some slices and talked about the future, and then walked home in the rain. I should probably also talk about Saturday and Sunday but probably in a separate entry, because they've been as different as can be.

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