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Last last day of classes.

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Apr. 22nd, 2011 | 04:10 pm
mood: calmcalm
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Can't stop won't stop going to school.

Tuesday night was a good end to my days as a student, at least for this degree. After the last day of classes, Danny had folks over with a keg of Oberon. I got there around 7:00 with donut holes, spring cupcakes, and TRON CUPCAKES. Thank you, Kroger, for thinking that children would want those for their birthday parties so 27-year old grad students could snatch them up instead.

Anyhow, we drank on the porch until it got too cold (which was after maybe 20 minutes), then went inside to eat pastries and yak while listening to early 90s hip hop. Some folks came and went, and eventually the drunker of us ended up in Danny’s bedroom dancing to Madonna and lifting weights (idk). Later we ordered burritos for delivery, and I caught two of the partygoers in intimate moments on two separate occasions. Oops.

Then I walked home at 1:30 in a lightning storm. It’s not as epic as my college LDOCs, but I’ll take it.

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