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Pre-coffee blogging.

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Feb. 20th, 2011 | 07:18 am
mood: tiredtired
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I might invent new words.

Wednesday through Friday were packed full of deadlines, but I managed to produce an eight-page paper for Central City Planning, a property tax administration problem set for Fiscal, and a 20-slide presentation for the Michigan Association of Planning's Student conference. I was one of seven presenting in the pecha kucha session there on Friday. I'm focusing on the products (which I do think were of decent quality) because the process was such hell. Between these and the usual toiling for capstone and grading my students' usual essays, I was up until 5 or 6 a.m. a couple of nights, and was pretty frantic for much of the week. I feel fortunate that I should have a much lighter week coming up, so I can focus on job apps (more on that below) and packing for Spring Break in DC.

Just regarding the conference, I was only able to attend from 2:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Friday but it was quite fun. I got to present my subway maps project to about 40 people, which is a huge step up from my first conference presentation when I had an audience of 6 (not only does this situation sound like a PhD comic, it really is one!). Following that I attended a campus planning session and then we had a walking tour in super high winds; the sites we visited weren't new to me, but at the least I got to talk to urban design students from LTU. Then we all hit up the post-conference reception at Grizz, got free appetizers and cheap beer, I gave Ang public speaking pointers (not that she wasn't also amazing in her pecha kucha), and we schmoozed with more LTU and Wayne students. They also <3 Detroit.

Later that evening I had my own personal bar crawl with rotating companions, including: Justin, Joe, Becca, and Michelle at Vinology; Justin, Joe, Michael V. and Jake at ABC; and Ang, Dave, and Jared at Heidelberg. It was badly needed after the ridiculous week, and many of us are going to Necto after Spring Break! Fun!

Yeah, jobs. Our first classmate landed a job offer this week, so I think everyone is feeling the pressure of getting some kind of post-graduation employment. I feel fortunate that I've been working on a strategy for a while and have been putting it into action. So far seven job apps are in, two of which are at places where I know current or former employees and in one of those I got excellent tips on how to maximize my chances. Then I have eight more applications I'm prepping, and more listings are appearing or finding their way to my inbox all the time. DC is the only place I'm focusing the search, and while I was a little worried about having quite limited options that way, that does not look to be a problem. Instead, I'm focusing on converting listings into interviews; it'll come eventually. One shitty thing is that a job I really quite liked (in foreclosure prevention, i.e. exactly what I'm doing in capstone except someone would pay me to do it, haha) closed between my first seeing it and my sitting down to write a cover letter and a resume. It's inevitable with how busy I've been, but I've resolved to not let that happen again for particularly attractive jobs/workplaces.

Weather was nice here for the last 3-4 days, and all of our snow melted. Of course, more is coming to replace it today and tomorrow. Hooray for winter. At least the days have gotten longer and the sun doesn't set until 6:15. Not that I see much sunlight as I huddle at my desk and write cover letters.

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