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Blogging while I watch Duke basketball.

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Feb. 9th, 2011 | 11:30 pm
mood: ecstaticDuke 79, UNC 73
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Pardon any typos.

Things my boyfriend dreams about when we're apart.

I suppose I should provide an update on life in addition to the fly-by photos and lists. As you may have seen in the last entry, we had about 15 inches of snow in the last week, and we're out of places to put it. I'm adapting as well as can be expected, but it would be nice of some of this could melt.

Brian visited from Thursday to Sunday, and it was a bit difficult to fetch him from the airport and then get him back. The snow plow came through on Wednesday and spat snow into the driveway where my car sat, and not long after that a car had parked on the curb, blocking 100% of our driveway (didn't see the offense happen). I was annoyed, but whatever; it's not necessarily the easiest to see where my driveway is in that condition, and most cars aren't parked on our street for very long. Fast forward to Thursday morning, when it was still there, so I called the police department and they were very much in favor of my claim that they should be towed. I went off to class, then feverishly made a bunch of maps for capstone while on a conference call, and I was pleased to see the offending car gone when I returned at 4. Of course I got stuck backing out because I hadn't shoveled away enough snow, but I was free from that soon enough and off to the airport.

Brian and I went shopping at Produce Barn, then came back and had to shovel more to get into the driveway. But from there, it was a weekend filled with cooking, eating, socializing, board games, and no stress. On Friday he helped me haul books and a video projector to my classroom, I had a mediocre discussion with the kids, and then we had an enormous Sushiya lunch. That night we went out for cocktails at The Grange with Eric and Joe. They had a surprising number of bourbon cocktails, and we partook, then went to Justin and Jake's house for their party. Brian somehow convinced me that we needed shots to catch up with the other folks there, which happened, as well as introducing him around. Eventually we left with Becca to Necto and had a good, brief, crowded time there. The Stoli surprise = the LIT of 2011.

Saturday was a super lazy day; I ventured up to Sweetwater's to fetch coffees for us, then we watched TV and played Scrabble after breakfast. I took a necessary hangover nap around 6, then woke up and worked on cooking dinner. I'd been promising to make New Mexican food for a while, so I had gotten a pot of beans in the Crock Pot earlier in the day and made an enormous green chile chicken enchilada casserole, while Brian contributed rice and these crazy ceviche shrimp and chipotle tacos. Super amazing, and a good cap to a lazy day.

On Sunday we had a slow lunch at Red Hawk, then bought comic books, Girl Scout cookies and cigarettes on the way home (heh), and lazed around until I took him back to the airport. Of course there was some bad snow at the time, so I drove slowly and nervously and he made it just fine. On the way back the snow had covered the highway and was causing all sorts of problems; definitely saw an overturned van that had been upright a couple of minutes before I passed by, and other folks that had spun out. I made it back home just fine, and embarked on homework.

Since then I've been trying to balance school work, keeping my students on track, and applying for jobs. Not much time left for other stuff, like basketball and blogging, but I manage. More photos are likely in the near future.

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