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The world won't let me stay in a bad mood.

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Jan. 18th, 2011 | 11:11 pm
mood: fullfull
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Thanks, world! I'll eat less swordfish in return.

Despite yesterday's gym and library annoyances, today shaped up to be much better. After my alarm rang and I shut it off, I fell asleep again and had a super vivid dream that I had returned to the White St. house* to fetch some of the items I'd left behind there. The house was completely different, with a huge nice kitchen where I spent a long time pulling open drawers and looking on high shelves for apparently forgotten utensils. Also, there were like 6 or 7 people hanging around trying to help me. At one point I asked them who was graduating that semester, as I was. One of my former roommates was there and offered me some random piece of wood, then was lying on the dining room table while I continued to pull things off of high shelves. At some point I also stole two sleeping pills from a bottle, lol. Once I woke up from that, I drove myself to class and sat there learning about segregation. Then I went to capstone, where we did make some progress in figuring out what we need to do in the next week.

From there, right around 5 p.m., I ran into Joe, Oana, and Bing carrying in food for the Martin Luther King Day symposium that was tonight, so I helped them haul it in, and then spent the next several hours prepping it and putting on to trays and eventually on to the tables for the reception. This process was much easier than last year because 1) we had more time to do it, and 2) we got the use of the actual kitchen, rather than a windowless office annex. Joe kindly drove me home from there at 10:15ish with the leftover salad, cold cuts, and pita chips that I inherited.

Overall, a good day. It mostly flew by. I guess I'll do some class reading now. Peace out, LJ.

* Where I lived for the first year of grad school, from August '09 to May '10.

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