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Miffed Customer Day.

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Dec. 4th, 2010 | 07:12 pm
mood: okayokay
music: Rilo Kiley "Rest of My Life"

Hopefully not destined to become an annual event.

Yesterday I had a lot of customer service complaining to do. First I went through the Burger King drive-thru and didn't receive either sugar (as requested) or a stirrer for my coffee, so I parked, went inside, and stocked up myself. The drive-thru dude just stared at me wordlessly. Clearly I should not be getting my coffee from Burger King.

Anyhow, from there it was off to Meijer to return an umbrella that never worked. My last umbrella was found on a bus and worked fine for several months before getting hopelessly broken. So I decided to be an adult and invest in a nice one that would actually work for a while ... and of course the damn thing was missing the part that allows the umbrella to actually close properly. I got my $18 back and a chuckle from the woman at the returns desk, since it won't be warm enough to rain for the next few months anyway.

Finally, my iPod was frozen and unresponsive, so I stopped at The Apple Store for help. In the time it took a Genius to call me up to the desk, I fiddled with it long enough to revive it myself. Since I had been half-resigned to replacing this old iPod with a new one, its new lease on life meant time to get a new armband for it to use in the gym. Another Genius reported that they don't stock armbands for these old things anymore and directed me to the internet to find one, and I have since. I then managed to escape the maul without spending anything; it's a Christmas miracle!

I'm hoping to do most of my Christmas shopping online to avoid further unpleasant interactions and trips to the maul.

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