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Eighteen days left to make a difference.

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Nov. 30th, 2010 | 03:27 am
mood: coldIt's so cooold in the D!
music: And I only have this half denim jacket.

Stolen shamelessly from a former Alaska governor's bag of tricks.

I'm just back from New Mexico. My flight landed at 10:45 p.m., I collected my luggage with no trouble, and then Ang and Amanda picked me up from the curb. Of note while I waited: shattered pieces of a Skyy vodka bottle and the remnants of a puddle around it. Someone somewhere in the D is having a crabby sober evening.

Myself, I enjoyed chatting with Ang and Amanda on the drive home about our upcoming final projects and various family stuff that happened over the break. Then I got in the house, called Momma to let her know I arrived, and set about catching up on internet. I tried to do a bit of schoolwork, but am too frazzled. I also tried to go to sleep, but after an hour of tossing I gave up for now; too much stuff on the brain (see next paragraph), plus I'm hungry. On the flight back I was feeling ready to take on the rest of the semester, but at the moment I'm feeling overwhelmed and not ready.

About the rest of the semester: my flight to DC is on the morning of December 18th (and I won't be back in Ann Arbor until January 4th). Thus, eighteen days to wrap up the semester. I tallied up my responsibilities between now and then, and the list is a bit daunting:
  • Design and post flyer and make FB page for Friday's happy hour event (last event I'm hosting as social chair for the MUPs as we elect a new board next week!)
  • 15-page paper for semiotics class (plus one 500-word discussion board post that is half-drafted)
  • 15-page paper and 30-minute presentation for popular culture class
  • 32 15 11 essays to grade from my students
  • Drawing assignment for sustainable urbanism class
  • Final exam for same class
  • 7-page paper (plus a one-page "handout" throwaway assignment) for urban theory class
I'd feel more confident if I were farther along in the research for the long papers, but I'll get started on that very soon anyway. I do think that I'll be able to produce some good work that I can actually call "scholarship" from the two long paper prompts, because I've thought long about the topics and I'm excited about digging into them. And the finished papers will hopefully join my folder of writing I'm proud to have authored and that can be submitted for publication or conference presentations. I also know that going to the gym regularly keeps me balanced and helps me feel better overall, so I'm trying to make sure I go regularly even if this list is sucking away my time.

I know it'll be worth it, and I do have tangible rewards coming after this is wrapped up. When I get off the plane in DC, I have four days of hanging out with Brian before we go to Miami for Christmas, then when we get back another eight days of nothing. I cannot wait to not have my life parceled out into iCal entries.

And because I'm still not sleepy, I may go out into the rain and cold to fetch food from the grocery store. Mmm, 4:00 a.m. Meijer variety bag.

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