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The repeating itinerary.

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Nov. 24th, 2010 | 01:12 am
mood: moodyCivil liberties packed neatly.
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With apologies to Antonio Benítez-Rojo.

An important tip indeed.

I'm packing for my Thanksgiving trip to New Mexico tomorrow. On top of my recent trips to Toronto and DC, it feels as though I've established a continuous rhythm of packing, traveling, returning, and not even unpacking. Two more trips to go after this one.

As for New Mexico, this will be my first time back since Christmas 2009. The first 24 hours will be hectic and weird, but after that things should smooth out. The sequence of transit modes is as follows: I leave my house on foot by 10:30 a.m. to catch an 11:00 a.m. bus to the airport, fly to Minneapolis, have a three-hour layover*, fly to Albuquerque, then my brother picks me up. I'm spending tomorrow night at their house, then we all drive to Vegasville on Thursday morning. I'll then be able to stay there until returning on Monday. I'm kind of tired just thinking about it, but it shall be worthwhile. Spending time with family should be fun, and it's not a trip so long that it will get tiresome (or so I hope!). My parents remodeled the kitchen in the last few months, and Thanksgiving dinner is intended to be its grand debut. And I'm certainly looking forward to the food, both the regular turkey-stuffing-ham-gravy madness of Thursday and the New Mex-Mex of subsequent days.

Also, I don't expect to have internet access while I'm there, so LJ activity will be light until my return on Monday night. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

* I didn't book it this way, but Delta changed the flight schedule sometime between August and now. Not a big deal, though; I've spent many hours in the Minneapolis airport, and three more won't hurt.

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