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Dehumanization, thy name is grad school.

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Nov. 17th, 2010 | 11:25 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Also, a cocktail party and a gay prom.

In which you get to hear about the classes I never mention.

Another Toronto pic. No reason.

Lots going on this week. My flight from DC (more about the trip in another entry) landed at DTW at 11:00 a.m. Monday, I gathered my bag and car and went home, then had only a few minutes to print my "discussion question" for mass/popular culture class and get there by 1:10. Class sort of dragged on and the discussion topic (Second Life as an ethnographic site) didn't go in the directions I thought it would, but still entertaining. The professor's insistence on talking soooo much about the organization of the book kind of precluded moving on to more interesting topics, IMO. But whatever. I got out of there, went back home and laid in bed being useless for a while, then went out to sustainable urbanism class. Having a 6:30 p.m. class twice a week is more draining than I expected, but the professor made up for it with hilarious stories getting bikeshare bikes stolen from him and his friend in Paris and surreptitiously stealing other bikes to return, before hearing that this is super common there and not a big deal.

Tuesday was sort of a blur. After the madness of travel and two classes in one day, I slept over thirteen hours and woke with barely enough time to get to urban theory class. But I made it, we had a fruitful three hours of discussion about globalized cities and economic development that should help inform my final paper, and then I was free of class until Thursday! So I went home, inventoried the kitchen, and took a much-needed grocery shopping trip and then made an enormous casserole for dinner. Hot food! That I cooked! Almost unheard of this semester.

Today has been long but okay. With no class on Wednesdays in November, I could have gotten up sooper early and gotten tasks out of the way, but I instead slept late anyway. Then I packed a lunch, went to the bank to deposit my birthday check from my parents, and went to my 2:00 meeting. I've officially been appointed secretary of the MLK, Jr. Day Committee in Urban Planning. Woo? Then I went off to Rackham to do a few hours of work and talk to Brian on IM, followed by another meeting, for our union. We voted on priorities to include in our bargaining platform with the administration; the open comment period was not pretty. Then from there I had a lackluster workout at the gym, but at least I went. I then wanted to sit in the sauna for a while, but it's broken. Sooo I just showered, returned home for food, and came to North Campus to do homework and blog. My ID card won't let me into the building after hours, so I had to wait around and look pathetic for a couple of minutes until Tania came outside to take a phone call and let me in. Why are things on this campus broken?

I have quite a few entries to catch up on, including Part 3 of Toronto and my weekend in DC. There are probably others, but that's all I'm promising for now. Because, y'know, I have students to teach tomorrow, and a paper due Friday.

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