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About to take the boyfriend to Detroit.

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Oct. 9th, 2010 | 01:01 pm
mood: amusedamused
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Let's see what chaos ensues.

Brian arrived in town Thursday night, and it's been a good time. We had piles of fries and chicken strips at Ashley's upon returning from the airport, then yesterday had breakfast at Angelo's before settling into the Art & Architecture Building so I could take care of my last two assignments for the week. It was a hellish week, academics-wise, but I survived. From there we were off to Cafe Habana for a MUD-MUP happy hour that went very well. I saw a bunch of planners that I have barely interacted with this semester, and Kristin tipped me off that the house I was going to live in this year had been demo'd. So after stopping at Pizza Land for a couple of slices, Brian and I walked over there to see it. De-pressing. Oh well. We capped off the night with a few cocktails at Aut Bar, while watching people play comically bad pool.

Now we're off briefly to a UM-MSU tailgate at Amanda, Scott, Danny, et. al.'s house, then we're planning to spend the afternoon in Detroit.

I think we have slightly different ideas for what to do while over there.

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