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The networked city.

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Jun. 13th, 2010 | 05:21 pm
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Week Two.

People I know from one or another part of my life are popping up everywhere here. Emily is coming to visit next weekend, randomcha and grubbybastard will be here in two weekends, I ran into Dave Wade at the Pride Parade and we are going to get together at some point (and also saw one of my ex-boyfriends and his Urban Planner Friend there but we didn't talk), Chrissie messaged me about urban planning grad programs yesterday and we're planning to continue the conversation and catch up over coffee, Liz D. and Ben N. are supposedly both moving here from Michigan. The list could go on; this is in addition to the people that I already knew live here. I love that this place is a hub for so many career and education tracks that people just ... end up here all the time.

That said, I returned yesterday from Ann Arbor. Had been there since Thursday afternoon. I woke up at 4:15 on Thursday morning, threw my junk in the car, and went to Columbia Heights to pick up Jenny, a co-worker of Melissa's that needed to go home to suburban Cleveland for a cousin's graduation party. It was fantastic to have a conversation partner and the 6ish hours to Cleveland went by quickly, plus she paid half my gas and tolls. I dropped her off at her mom's house at 1:00 p.m. I think Middleburg Heights, Ohio, and in particular their neighborhood, is a slice of America that I want to hear more about, because it's miles (in many respects) from any life that I will have anytime soon, but I love that we have it.

Anyhow, I had a little less than 48 hours in Ann Arbor. While there, I reupped my health and vision insurance for the summer (thank goodness I realized my paperwork needed fixing, because I need new contact lenses and I also have a tendency to fall out of bars). I also turned in the last time card I'll submit in person and recovered additional stuff from my house there, chiefly the last 70 or so books on my shelves. I feel anxious about leaving anything in that house while I'm away for long periods, frankly, but it's valuable to me to have my book collection at hand, and there are also 21 of those that I listed for sale on Amazon. I also had a beer with MUPs on Thursday night, and drinks with Tall Matt and Max at Aut Bar, followed by cheap PBRs and prairie fire shots at Circus with Dave, Maria, and John. Matt and I also talked to an adorable couple for a while, and hopefully they'll be folded into our friends group in the fall; they already know him tangentially through other folks. It was good to see everyone, especially because Matt got a job in Benton Harbor and will be gone when I return! I got on the road even earlier on Saturday to return to Washington, this time at 3:30 a.m.

Crazy, I know, but that meant I was able to take my time driving back and still get here in time for the Pride Parade! I actually took it quite slow and wasn't back home until 3:00 p.m., but I'm sure OJ was appreciative. When I got back, I caught up on email and Facebook, then took a shower and met Stephen at Dupont for parade viewing with his friend Lauren (a Dukie, Class of '03), her husband Sam, and a huge group of '03 Dukies that had gathered for the occasion. I loooove Pride, still, and the parade was great, although the crowd in front of JR's kept surging into the street and having to be pushed back by the staff and the police. I caught some beads and condoms and crappy candy, and there were lots of attractive folks about, and and we engaged in a lively match of Romper Spotting during lulls in the parade. Is 2010 the Year of the Romper? Emily thinks so; she is hilarious and teaches fifth grade and I can imagine is quite good at it, and pioneered the game and also some intense Single Ladies dancing. Following the parade, we walked to U St. and had noodles, and I learned about Lauren's time living in Southeast Asia and other randomness. Stephen and I opted against going out afterward; I do love Pride but not enough to brave the crowds when I'd been awake for 19+ hours already. :]

Today I was up by 9:30, cleaned up my room and unpacked most of the car. I also went to Safeway to stock up for the week, and I'm liking settling into this routine, happily interrupted by a great deal of socializing. I want this to be my summer, and it is.

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