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Where is spring?

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May. 12th, 2010 | 07:01 pm
mood: jealousGet offa my lawn.

Have we offended it somehow?

Like many of you in the States and Canada and the EU, the local weather is just not very warm right now. Today's high was supposed to be 56 but I never saw it go above 50, and people are walking around wearing gloves and scarves. Tomorrow is forecast to be a bit warmer, but still nowhere near what I'm used to for mid-May. *insert whining here* But seriously, I'm just a bit depressed to not see the sun and to have to wear coats and to need multiple blankets on my bed because the heat has been off for a while. I really need some summer weather, and for me, summer weather is oppressively hot. To not even feel like spring yet has just made me lethargic and sad.

In ten days I am scheduled to go camping with various planners, architects, and friends for Lisa's 30th birthday, and it damn well better be warm, else I will ... huddle in my tent and cry because I won't be able to do anything else about it. :]

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