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Stuff I ate in North Carolina.

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Apr. 25th, 2010 | 03:18 pm
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A prelude to entries with actual content.

I spent probably too much time obsessing about what I wanted to eat while I was in Durham, but it was worth it. Sadly I didn't make it to Six Plates, but the rest of the old haunts were well represented. Also I added two new ones to the list: Busy Bee, which had absentminded service but ridiculously good food and beer, and Dos Perros, which shone on all accounts. I also didn't photograph my Elmo's or Breadmen's breakfasts, because I was not awake enough to do so.

Pulled pork, tater salad, mac and cheese, hush puppies at Q Shack.
The mac and cheese came directly from the oven and was amazing. My burnt mouth got over it.

Homemade biscuits and gravy, poached egg, and coffee at Matt and Leland's house. They treated me well!

Twice-fried* tortilla chips at Dos Perros. Tyler approves.
My entree here was crab- and shrimp-stuffed trout, which made me die of amazingness.
Sorry, no photo; the dying was messy.

Loaded tater tots, burger with fried green tomatoes, and more mac and cheese at Busy Bee.
The photo is way dark, but does show the massiveness of the tater tot boat.
I shared with the whole table, I promise.

And I believe that covers it. Once I finish this economic development methods paper (and thus the semester), I'll post more about the trip. There are photos of people this time!

* I don't know for sure that they're twice-fried. Maybe just fried-longer-than-usual. But we inhaled at least two bowls of them.

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