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Preparing to welcome the next generation of grad students.

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Apr. 8th, 2010 | 08:32 am
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Look upon their unlined faces! Hear their non-gravelly voices!

My schedule has collapsed upon me. I did not sleep last night, as I had to finish getting together a pedestrian master plan for a group project (I think it's 35 pages already, before inserting maps and graphics) and also work on an economic development methods group project, which my ever-patient group partner and I will present at 10:10 a.m. I would have loved for these things to be done earlier, but the week until last night was consumed with preparations for our preview weekend, which starts tonight. After meetings until about 6:30 p.m. yesterday, I spent 3 hours working in the Cage*, then got dinner and moved to the Union until it closed, then moved to the Ugli until it closed. Now I'm back home and am surprised I haven't fallen asleep on my laptop.

Despite the crazy time commitments, I am pretty happy right now, because everything major is done for the moment and now I just have to show up to events. First up is this presentation in class, which should be easy (professor only let us submit one slide, so this should be much more efficient than previous presentations). I hope to take a nap following that. This afternoon I rush around and welcome the prospective students as they arrive and drive them around as needed, then another class and a phone interview**, then everything from 7:00 p.m. until Saturday morning is events for the kids. In addition to sizing up who will be in next year's graduate cohort, this means the department feeds me and douses me in free coffee allll weekend. I feel like I'm owed at least that, given how much preparation I and the other UPSA board members have put into this (for example, on Monday I sent 35 emails in 22 minutes).

I would love to say that things calm down after that, but on Saturday afternoon I leave for New Orleans, have two assignments (both more than half-complete already, somehow) due while I'm there, return Tuesday, madly finish up the organization for our cabaret event, then leave for Durham on Thursday. I might instruct Beverly*** to just attach me to a time-release caffeine IV.

Off to check the laundry and get some breakfast. If I can't have sleep, at least there are omelets and clean jeans in my day.

* Grad lounge. It's ... kind of cage-like.
** Will have to write about this later, but I appear to have two summer internship prospects. Woo. ETA: Phone interview has been rescheduled, which is a relief.
*** Our department admissions coordinator, who has been heroically pulling at least 60-hour weeks to get us to this point.

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