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Dear Jonathan, You didn't need to sleep anyway.

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Mar. 23rd, 2010 | 10:12 pm
mood: numbMy bed is too firm anyway.
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Love, grad school.

Somehow I am going to get through the next six weeks, but I worry that it will involve sleeping very little. I am getting through my assignments all right, and can work ahead some to account for end-of-semester workload, but every free moment I have is currently devoted to applying for summer jobs, eating, and working out to stay sane. So I'm not sure what I will have to give up in order to successfully finish the semester. Currently all signs are pointing to sleep.

The plus side of the madness is that I'll be taking my first trip to New Orleans and (another) trip to the Triangle! I thought I had more to say about this, but apparently not. Go the South!

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