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I'm turning into my parents.

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Feb. 8th, 2010 | 07:41 pm
mood: sillyBut I'm still healthy
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Except that they don't like San Francisco all that much.

Good times afoot around here. After heading out to Necto on Friday night and actually having fun there, I had a lazy Saturday that turned into a late night of reading ahead for classes and preparing for my summer internship search. On Sunday I woke up with a strong craving for Sonic and took a little roadtrip to the nearest one, about 35 minutes away in Westland. I will do nutty things for chili cheese tots and vanilla Dr. Pepper sometimes. Anyhow, later that day I attended Danny and Scott's Sooper Bowl party, where about a dozen planners and Scott's dog had hunkered down with beer, Jimmy John's sammiches, and Mr. Spots wings. As I predicted, there was comparatively little football watching, but we did enjoy some of the commercials.

Today I went to both classes and took a lot of notes to stay awake, and have been trying to keep life orderly otherwise. Signed up for new health insurance before the open enrollment period closes, scheduled out my week a bit better, blah blah adult and boring.

But! Good news this evening. Our career services woman emailed to inform me that I was finally matched with a firm for my week in San Francisco next month. I haven't spoken directly with anyone there yet, so I'm not sure if I can name them on here, but from what I know about the firm, it should be a good place to spend a little time. I will dutifully pour coffee in the principals' faces and try not to break anything, and maybe they'll offer me a summer gig. :] That latter isn't very likely, actually, but I think I'll still enjoy hanging around and seeing what they do for a week. Also, if you have recommendations for what I should be eating, drinking, and doing in the Bay Area, start commenting. Keywords: food I can't get in the Upper Midwest, modern art, being outside, architecture pilgrimages, dranks, cheap.

Oh, and a final word: I'm turning into my parents. Every time I pull my wallet out of my pocket, loose Kleenexes fly everywhere (from Mom). And I probably have more junk in my coat pockets than Momma does in her purse. And I've started washing my hands obsessively, making sure to work under the fingernails and save a paper towel to open the bathroom door (from Dad). They sure raised me to prepare for cold season, apparently.

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